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We share your passion!

We are professionals in the world of campers and caravans and we are committed to provide you with the best services: sales, maintenance and assistance.

Once you have purchased your vehicle, at MundoAutocaravanasyou will find all the after-sales services you need for your camper or caravan. Our factory will offer you all kinds of maintenance and repair services for your vehicle. We also have an accessories shop in our facility, offering you the chance of internal and external renovations for your vehicle.

Come visit us! We will be happy to help you findthe best model that suits your needs (number of family members, features, models, price etc). Moreover, we can customize your camper with your favorite and most recent accessories.

If you are new to the world of campers and caravans or you simply would like to receive information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit us, we are here for you!

Mundo Autocaravanas


You will find everything you need in our sales area in South Tenerife (Atogo), where a large selection of brands is waiting for you.

The selection of our brands is based on our personal travel experiences with different campers and on our solid sales know-how. We made the best out of our personal and work experiences with different campers over the years and we chose relevant brands that now represent the mission of our company. Many of our customers are now good friends of MundoAutocaravanas and they contribute to improve the success of our company bysharing their experiences and ideas. We are market leader in Tenerife, Canary Islands, with an excellent value for money, extensive experience and great reputation. At MundoAutocaravanasyou will find overhauled and guaranteed second-hand vehicles!


We are happy to welcome you atMundoAutocaravanas! Our company is rooted in the passion for travelling, tourism and leisure and we are here to offer you high quality services. We are focused on our customer needs, from the rental of a wide range of vehicles, to the sales of campers and caravans. You can come visit us anddiscover our wide selection of vehicle types suitable for all kinds of drivers: from expert campers and caravans lovers to those who want to take a first step towards this holiday style. You can come visit our show-room, always updated with the latest products from renowned European brands. We also offer an after-sales service with market- specific tools and accessories.